Brownclee Primary Comes to Visit Bantock Primary School!

We are going to tell you all about what we did when Brownclee Primary came to visit. Amazingly, we watched their presentation on Powerpoint. It was great and fantastic!! Interestingly, they brought the Year 4 and 3 teachers. Suprisingly, we went to dinner and played together at dinner time. Furthermore, we made lots and lots of friends to play with.

Brownclee have green jumpers and cardigans. Did you know Brownclee have a little, tiny school? At the end of school time, they have cooking and dance clubs. We wish we had that! Whenever it snows, they have a field and they can look and play at the snow. It is funny because in year 6, there are 8 students. Also, when it’s summer, they build a camp fire. However, before they go home, they have hot chocolate. Why can’t we have that? In their school they get to do different fun things.

In the afternoon, we showed them our presentations. In our presentation we showed them all about our country. It was fun teaching them. I think the teachers might say “they were great at teaching Brownclee!” It was fun! Later on, we taught them our language and some phrases. After that, we made up a game with our numbers but they had to say it in the language we speak.

By Adriana, Halimah and Priyah (3H)