Bad Weather

School closures in the event of bad weather

As winter develops with the possibility of adverse weather condition, I am writing to inform you of school procedures. These are outlined below and are in accordance with Wolverhampton Local Authority procedures.

General Closure – Wolverhampton
The Strategic Director for Education and Enterprise may decide in the interest of public safety that all school in the Authority must close. This will only happen if actual or forecast weather conditions are very severe.
If the weather is really bad and all Wolverhampton schools are closed there will be an announcement on the following local radio before 7.30 am:

* Free Radio 97.2 & 96.4 FM
* Heart FM 100.7FM
* Galaxy 102.2
* BBC WM 95.6FM

Information is also available on the Wolverhampton City Council website, ‘Wolverhampton Grid for Learning’, ‘Wolverhampton Today – School Closures’ Facebook page and the Wolverhampton City Council Twitter feed.
Council Website​

General Closure – Bantock
Even if there is no general closure, the Headteacher may decide, in light of local circumstances, to close the school. The health and safety of the students must be the main consideration in any such situation. The decision to close will be made in line with Wolverhampton Local Authority guidelines which state that “Schools should operate normally wherever possible and only resort to closure or early closure in exceptional circumstances”.

If there is heavy snowfall overnight then a decision about whether or not to close the school will be made at 7.30am. If Bantock School is closed the announcement will be on the radio. We will also send a text to parents by 8.00am. If there is nothing on the radio you should bring your child to school as normal.

If we should need to close during the day, we will send a text message, as well as informing local radio.