General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR Compliance

Data Protection

Bantock Primary School is required to ensure that all personal data collected about staff, students, parents, governors, visitors and other individuals, is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR.

The aim of the law is to ensure all personal data is protected and organisations who work with such data are held accountable for its protection.

How We Use Your Information

The law requires organisations that are responsible for using people’s information to make sure it is clear why we need your information and how it is used. Bantock Primary School is committed to the highest standards of information security, privacy and transparency.

To help explain how your information is used we have published a Privacy Notice in the policy section of our website.

Data Protection Officer

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer from Services 4 Schools Ltd to support with matters relating to Data Protection and the use of your personal information.

Our Data Protection Officer is registered with the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO).

If you have a question about how your personal data is used in school, or would like to make a formal request, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by emailing

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests should be made to the school directly:

Mrs H Sarai
Head Teacher
Bantock Primary School
Aston Street

Telephone: 01902 558710


How We Use Your Information

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures that organisations, such as schools, that are responsible for using data about people, make it public about what information is used and how.
To help explain this, you can read the Privacy Notice that you can download on this page.
We are also taking the opportunity to review how we manage data and our GDPR compliance. Bantock Primary is committed to the highest standards of information security, privacy and transparency.

You can find more information about how we manage personal data and other forms of information in the following policy documents:

Bantock Parent and Pupil Privacy Notice.pdf

GDPR Policy

Freedom Of Information Policy

Rights Respecting School

Convention on the Rights of the Child

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