Sports Ambassadors

Every year at Bantock several pupils are selected to take on the prestigious role of Sports Ambassador! The pupils receive specialist training, developing their knowledge and skills in sport, aswell as their social and interpersonal skills.

At Bantock, our Sports Ambassadors promote their love of physical activity and aim to get everyone involved in being active.  They deliver a range of engaging activities, whilst developing their own leadership skills, organisation and confidence. As well as helping out at lunchtimes, the Sports Ambassadors deliver after-school clubs, which target pupils who are less keen to engage in sport and exercise. This helps to boost their self-esteem and health and promote a life-long love of physical activity. All of our Sports Ambassadors wear an alternative jumper so that the pupils know who they are.

Together, they have been creating videos showcasing the games/activities that they would be leading on in person if this were possible. The videos include step by step instructions of how to play the games so that the children can lead upon these themselves. Each year group has viewed the videos and they have been playing the games during their play and lunch times.

Meet the Sports Ambassadors

Learn how to play Social Snakes!

1) Choose a person to be the leader/point scorer.

2) Line the children up in pairs facing each other.

3) Number each pair.

4) The leader will call a number. When called the children will run in and out of the other children, then back to their place.

5) A point is given to the first person in the pair that gets back to their place.