Digital Transformation



School Improvement for Digital Transformation

Our School Vision for Technology

Our shared vision for change recognises that technology is continually evolving within the wider world. As an educational establishment, we are developing our digital transformation strategy to help us to identify and develop technology for all stakeholders to reach their full potential in becoming global citizens of the future. 

Through building on a coalition of partnerships and innovative research, including developers at Microsoft, we hope to enhance and expand the systems, teaching and learning tools, communication and digital safeguarding procedures. 

We hope to digitally build upon an ethos of inclusive learning strategies minimise the barriers our children face and which supports our pupil centred pedagogy. By exploring aspects of digital learning education, tools and spaces, we want to enhance and expand the curriculum to build rewarding, enjoyable and challenging experiences that inspire pupils and provide a firm foundation of lifelong learning. We strongly believe that all pupils have the right to develop to their full capacity, and to do this, we want to enhance accessible technology that will meet the needs of all pupils and empower them to take ownership for their learning.  

We have begun the process to enhance physical, digital and hybrid realms within school to enable pupils to take further responsibility of their learning and build greater opportunity for flipped learning both in and outside of the school curriculum and accommodate a range of learning styles and user needs.  

With the ever changing digital world presenting greater risks, we will shape further responsive systems in place to monitor and ensure all stakeholders are safe and secure; with a continuously evolving infrastructure, further developed knowledgeable staff and an even more robust curriculum that supports pupils and parents, working simultaneously with our embedded effective safeguarding systems. 

To further support staff wellbeing in the establishment, we aim to enhance school systems available, including Microsoft, to optimise the efficiency of daily operations to increase productivity and decrease workload to provide a better work life balance. 

Continuing the journey of strategic change management and planning with Microsoft will support in embedding a future-ready environment of learning, collaboration and communication. 


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