Health and Wellbeing

Bantock completed the School Mental Health Award, and were awarded Silver for our mental health provision by the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health (see School News for more information).

At Bantock, our school ethos means that we are committed to enhancing the health and well-being of the whole school community – pupils, parents and staff – so that everyone can SHINE!

We understand that supporting pupils’ health and well-being results in happy learners and contributes towards positive academic progress. It helps them to manage their lives, including their physical health, handle any mental health problems early and develop high level social and emotional skills, thereby enhancing future life chances.

​ SHINE in Health and Wellbeing

In order to SHINE in terms of health and well-being, pupils at Bantock are taught how to manage their physical and mental health, develop high-level social and emotional skills, regulate their emotions and understand how to manage any health problems that they may face, so that they are able to SUCCEED now and in their futures. Throughout the curriculum – and in extra-curricular contexts – they develop their character and personal attributes in order for them to become HAPPY learners, who make positive academic progress and contribute positively to society. By promoting and modelling a growth mind-set, staff INSPIRE pupils to be solution-focused and believe that they can overcome any challenge they may come across. Meanwhile, through the PDR curriculum, they explore the knowledge and attitudes that are needed to understand their emotions, feelings and relationships and staff NURTURE and EDUCATE pupils in skills such as resilience, initiative and self-esteem.



We want all pupils to understand and manage their own health and well-being, constantly striving towards becoming competent, independent well-rounded individuals. We intend to educate pupils on the qualities and attributes needed to enhance their health and well-being.


We will provide an engaging, educative learning environment to ensure we promote a culture of enthusiasm and enjoyment. Our Personal Development and Relationships curriculum provides our pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills they require in order to manage their lives both now and in the future.  Pupils’ attitudes are praised and their contributions as individuals are valued.


We will inspire all children through our multi-sensory approach to providing a stimulating curriculum, which inspires life-long knowledge, skills and understanding. Children are motivated by links to real life and cross-curricular learning. They have a strong desire to enhance their cultural capital where opportunities are provided both within school and as part of our extra-curricular offer.


We will build strong foundations with parents and pupils, based on honesty and collaboration. We will scaffold and nurture quality – first learning opportunities, whilst celebrating and supporting diversity, in order to foster independent learning and application.


We will treat all children as individuals, carefully monitoring their unique starting points and plan bespoke next steps to enhance their health and well-being. We will effectively model and scaffold learning, enabling pupils to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills required in order to become independent, successful learners both now and in later life.


At Bantock, pupils learn about the areas to understand, manage and enhance their health and well-being in 4 key areas.

Healthy Me: Pupils are taught the principles of a healthy diet and encouraged to enjoy a broad and colourful range of foods. They are taught about the characteristics of a poor diet and the risks associated with unhealthy eating. Pupils are also taught about legal and harmful substances and the associated risks.

Thinking Me: Pupils explore the knowledge and attitudes that are needed to understand their mental wellbeing. They are taught how to recognise and talk about their emotions and feelings, and where and how they can seek support. Pupils develop skills such as resilience, initiative and self-esteem and understand how they can have a positive effect on their well-being and learning. Bullying, loneliness and isolation are also areas that pupils are taught about.

Physical Me: Through high-quality PE lessons and a broad range of extra-curricular clubs and competition, pupils are taught about and encouraged to lead healthy, active lifestyles. They explore the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed to understand physical factors in relation to their health and the risks associated with an inactive lifestyle. Pupils are taught how to recognise signs of poor health both physical and mental, and how to prevent this. In KS2 pupils are taught about the changing adolescent body, including physical and emotional, as well as menstrual wellbeing. They are taught basic concepts of first-aid.

Social Me: Through the school ethos, pupils are taught mutual respect, empathy and tolerance; they learn the skills for positive interaction with their peers, the wider community and their environment.

Throughout all 4 areas children are taught about internet safety and the impact that the online world can have upon their own and others physical and mental wellbeing. Pupils will learn how to recognise and display respectful behaviour online, as well as identifying any particular risks from sites or consumers.


Stirling Wellbeing Survey

The Stirling Children’s Well-being Scale is a positively worded measure of emotional and psychological well-being in children aged 5-11 years. The Well-Being scale will be undertaken at the start of every academic year in years 1 to 6. The data is then analysed by the Health and Well Being Manager and Mental Health Lead and pupils are identified for the relevant interventions. For example, an emotional literacy intervention (WELL programme) or a nurturing allotment intervention, focussing on self-esteem, positive outlook and a positive emotional state. The children who partake in the interventions, then complete the scale again to see if there are any improvements within their score. Bantock Primary wants to encourage all children to have confidence in their ability to SHINE in all aspects of life!