Digital Ambassadors

Some of our Year 5 and Year 6 children have been trained as Digital Ambassadors. Their role is to raise and improve the profile and understanding of online safety. They provide advice and information to other children on e-safety. By doing this, they ensure that children respect each other online and learn to make the right choices.

For more information on Digital Safeguarding, please see our Safeguarding Page.


The Year 5 Digital Ambassadors

The Year 6 Digital Ambassadors Plus

The Year 6 Digital Ambassadors worked with Online Behaviour to create some great visual reminders for parents to support them in keeping their children safe online. Here are a few…

#GetInvolved Campaign
Safer Internet Day with Concero
Just ask us… Digital Ambassadors!

We can help children who:

  • Are bullied on the internet.
  • Need safety tips on certain games.
  • who need information about keeping safe on websites, apps and games.
Worried about Cyber Bullying?
There are a few types of bullying. There is social, verbal and physical bullying. There is also cyber-bullying, which is when you bully someone over cellphones or the internet.  If you’re in trouble or you have any problems and someone is cyber bullying you, then don’t keep it inside.
Tell an adult that you know or a parent and they will surely help you. You can also ask us and we can give you advice! We hate bullies!
Here you can find some useful links about keeping safe online and do some activities.

Nikola and Dilraj's Stay Safe Online Instructions

Year 5 Digital Ambassadors worked hard to make a guide of useful tips for using social Media. If you need support, you can ask a digital ambassador or an adult in school.

Year 5 Digital Ambassador Parent Guide

Watch our digital Online Charter here!

The NSPCC website has lots of information to help you and your parents learn about keeping safe on the internet.

Download this guide for parents about how to keep children safe online.

Supporting Children Online