School Uniform

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School Uniform

Uniform is worn at Bantock Primary to develop a sense of pride in being a member of the Bantock community. The advantages of a school uniform gives all the children the same standard of dress and are on a visibly equal footing. Clothing must not have any logo other than the Bantock Primary School Logo. All items may be purchased at High Street retailers apart from the school tie, logo sweatshirt, school bag and PE bag, which can be purchased from Trutex shop.

Bantock Primary V neck sweatshirt/cardigan. Grey long trousers, skirt or pinafore dress White shirt School Tie. Black sensible school shoes (not trainers) Grey/black socks or tights Black or grey headscarves or turbans School book bag with the logo, or School Backpack with the logo.

Summer Uniform 
Grey shorts and white short sleeved shirt
Maroon and white gingham dress and white socks/tights

​Sports Uniform 
White round necked school T-shirt.
​Black school PE shorts.

Sports Winter Outdoor Uniform
Black school jogging bottoms . Black school fleece. Black plimsolls for indoors and trainers for outside School PE bag with logo. ` Please put your child’s name in their school uniform to reduce the risk of lost items. Items of clothing are regularly misplaced and are kept in the lost property box in the main office.

All shoulder length/long hair must be tied back using a black, white or maroon hair band, scrunchie or bobble. Hair should not be shaved below grade 2 and we request that patterns are not shaved into the head as this is inappropriate for school.

For safety jewellery must not be worn to school. If your child has pierced ears, ensure only small studs are worn, otherwise they must be removed for Physical Education. Children who wear watches must take full responsibility for them.

Where can I buy Bantock School Uniform?

You can purchase Bantock School Uniform from Trutex Wolverhampton.

This can be found at:
14a Cleveland Street