We are going to tell you about our privilege to try Google’s goggles; it was called Google Expeditions. Amazingly, a very nice lady came to our school and showed us these astonishing ‘goggles’; a photographer from Express and Star arrived to take pictures of us during the whole experience. Furthermore, he was taking individuals out and taking pictures of them with the goggles on.

Our class was studying the circulatory system (this helps you stay alive by pumping blood between your lungs, your heart and the rest of your body), thus we looked throughout the human body and saw how it functioned.

You should know when we looked into them there was a whole new world of an adult body and you could see his heart, lungs and blood vessels. Different years tried them and did things relating to their topic. Year 5 looked at the Mayans and what they created, Year 4 explored African animals and Year 3 visited Ancient Rome.

​By Saamiyah Khan and Christina Agbasoga, 6J.