UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation for children and children’s rights.  They work in 190 countries and, where emergencies strike, deliver life-saving help to children through food, medicine, clean water, clothing, shelter and education. 

During the week, each year group learnt about a different country where UNICEF has been dealing with an emergency:   the children learnt interesting facts about the country, what the issues and effects of the issues have been and what UNICEF have done to help. The children presented their learning in our celebration assembly on Friday 13th and we raised a total of £294.45 for UNICEF.  On the day itself, all children wore blue and brought in £1 to fundraise for UNICEF.   The money will be used by UNICEF and could help in many ways: it can provide a child affected violence with a safe place to stay; it might help a child affected by disaster get back to school; it could protect a child from the cold; it might save a child in a war-torn country from disease and it may provide clean water to a refugee family.  May we wish a massive ‘Thank you!’ to all the children who contributed. 

To learn more about the work of UNICEF, vist www.unicef.org.uk